Oil Rig in Scotland Avoids Catastrophe Thanks To Same Day Courier Delivery

July 18, 2013

Living on an oil rig is pretty dangerous and though companies invest millions of dollars to lower the risk of life hazards on an oil rig, circumstances and weather conditions often cause unforeseen disasters to happen. The most at risk are the oil rig workers who have to face continuous stressful situations. One such incident happened on an oil rig where I was working.

Disaster Strikes

The oil rig in Scotland was responsible for drilling a deep-sea well, and the workers had to work under challenging circumstances. The constant noise is deafening and requires that almost everyone wears ear plugs. However for the people working on the oil rig it was just another day and everyone went about their work as normal. However overhead storm clouds gathered and rough wind started to blow.

The Storm

The gusts of wind made it difficult to see and it was obvious that a storm was brewing. All in all when conditions become harsh most of the crew is transported into life capsules and transported to land in safety. However during this particular storm the management was devastated to come to know that one of the life saving capsules seemed to have stopped functioning.

It could have resulted in a major catastrophe and devastation for the crew working on the oil rig and might have resulted in the tragedy had it not been a welcome intervention from a courier company which carried a life saving boat to the middle of the ocean.

Salvaged By The Courier Ship

The management had made frantic calls for safety to the radar on the land and ordered an extra life boat to be dispatched as soon as possible. The task was handed over to a courier company which specializes in carrying freight across rivers and oceans. The courier people promised that the life boats would be transported to the troubled crew in less than an hour.

Onshore To Safety

The life boat arrived during the promised time and most workers heaved a sigh of relief, meanwhile the storm clouds continued to build up and the gale blew relentlessly. For someone who was weak of heart this would have been a terrifying sight. But men who work on oil rigs are intrinsically brave individuals who know that they might have to battle such calamities at some point in their careers as oil rig workers.

Soon all the workers were taken to the shore albeit a few minutes later than expected which the norm was considering the terrible storm which had brewed up. Thus a major disaster was averted thanks to the help of a courier service.